Do I have to download or install any software to verify my Emails?

  • No. You don’t need to download or install any software on your PC to verify email addresses. All you need is to upload your email list on our platform and hit the and you are done.
  • RemoveBounce is online genuine email verification system that process and verifies your email list fast and give you a detailed report of the whole verification process in the real time. Our innovative, genius bulk email verification system is the leader in that industry as we had given more time to reach the quality and the accuracy we need for our customers.

Does my IP affected or get blocked?

No. Never, because we are running this service over our cloud based solutions. So your IP will never be affected anyway.

RemoveBounce will run the verification process at our end only. We use our cloud-based verification system to verify, clean, validate and remove email list bounces without affecting your private IP Address. It’s our Job and Our System, so don’t worry about your IP anymore.

How fast is your Verification System?

RemoveBounce system is a multi-threaded cloud platform, which is able to verify more than 50 thousands emails addresses per hour. In fact, it’s faster than this, but we only give an estimation of the average speed per hour.

How does your email Verification Service Work?

RemoveBounce.com, is effectively designed for all email verification needs. Each email address in the list is checked for its existence and validity. RemoveBounce system verifies email addresses against number of different validations starting from RFC syntax checking to the deep level SMTP testing of user mailbox existence checking.

Which format do you accept for the email lists?

Currently, our verification system accepts the following formats:

  • Plain text (.txt)
  • Comma Separated Value (.csv)
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (.xls or .xlsx)

And many other formats are coming in the way.

Uploading, downloading and integrating these formats are very easy and most used by all users.

If you have any other file format, just give us a message to solve these issues for you. If you want any help or support just send us your file in any format and we will process it for you. To do that you will need to send the file over a message on our help support page.

Here is an example of the .txt format of the email addresses one email per line.

Example :




Are there any emails that can't be checked?

Practically, the only email addresses that can't be verified are the ones whose servers are down or unresponsive. In case that happens, we flag them appropriately so you can take action later.

And no, we won't deduct your verification credits for emails that couldn't be verified.

Do you offer an API service?

Yes. RemoveBounce provides API service for real time email verification. It can be integrated with any system that can support GET request and parse json response.

Do you offer free trial of the service?

Sure enough! We want our clients to experience our awesome email verification service fully before they invest their first dollar. Currently, we are offering a free trial which permits a certain number of email verifications.

Why should I use RemoveBounce service?

If you are having any online system with web forms accepting email address, there are more chances of user typo or user may enter wrong email. This real time email verification helps you identifying invalid email address. It is also must to validate and clean your list of emails before sending any bulk campaign mails. Email verification helps you reducing bounce rate and protect your IP reputation.

What does "unknown" status mean?

"unknown" status means there are either possibility. Email can be valid or invalid. This is because sometimes receiving server is not responding well. We recommend to retest such emails over the time.

How do I request for custom jobs?

Sure we do! Contact us and we’ll give the best deal.