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Why You Need to Verify Email?

It's very important to verify email lists before running email marketing campaigns, by doing so you avoid getting many hard bounces, spam complaints or even blacklisting in spam databases.

How Can You Verify Emails?

All you need is to upload your email list or simply drag it for your dashboard account and you are done. We support txt, csv, xls and xlsx file formats.

How does RemoveBounce Work?

RemoveBounce verifies all email lists you submit through 6 verification stages starting from checking the syntax error emails reaching to the final step of checking every user mailbox for existence.

Why using RemoveBounce?

RemoveBounce Offers The Maximum Accuracy For Bulk Email Verification Service At The Cheapest Prices.

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Bulk Email List Cleaner Service

Simply upload the email list you want to clean or drag it to your account dashboard and you are done. the system will take the list and verify it by removing hard bounces, spam traps, honeypots, disposable email addresses, dead emails, bad emails, and any unknown or untrusted email addresses. After completing the verification process, the system will generate 5 verification reports for that list on your account dashboard as follow;

Valid Email List: this report gives you only the valid email list which you can use to send your email marketing campaigns directly without issues.

Detailed Email List: this report will give you a detailed verification report for all email addresses inside the list and the status of each email address like ok, fail, ok_for_all, unknown, dead email, etc.

All Email List: this report will give you the whole email list divided into three sections from inside (ok (for valid emails), fail (for invalid or bad emails) and unknown (for unconfirmed or unknown emails).

Invalid Email List: this report will give you a list of all invalid email addresses inside your cleaned list.

Catch-All Email List: this report will give you a list of all unconfirmed email addresses which give ok_for_all when verified and their servers accept all messages sent for them without telling if the user mailbox exists or not.

Finally, you will be able to download all these reports for every email list you upload for cleaning from your account dashboard.

Verification Reports

For each email list you upload for cleaning on RemoveBounce you will get 5 email verification reports which you can download and analyze from your account dashboard.Also, you will be able to control your lists, delete them, re-verify them again after somewhile and many other features are available for all customers.

Email Address Verification Analytics

Email Verification Platform

You will see a real-time verification statistics while your list is processed. You will see the progress of your email list while it’s cleaned by our system and you can add more lists at the same time and see them all processed at the same time.

Real Time Email Validation API

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