Why You Need to Clean Your Email List

Are you looking to get your email list cleaned? What if you have opened your daily email inbox and what you see next is a flurry of bizarre, spam emails. These emails could be of any nature; scams, spam, fake, hack attempts or any other. What about your email marketing lists you use in business? Your email database could be full of false or fake leads – why not trying clean your email list using bulk cleaning service like RemoveBounce?

The Importance of Having a clean email list comes now!

So what do you do now with the bad and dead leads emails in your list? Do you change or cancel your email account, or do you pray and hope for the best? Of course, the first option seems pretty difficult and hard to be taken to go along with just to get a clean list of valid email addresses. According to many surveys taken, email account holders hate to change their email address for any reason, even if they’ve been struck by a major issue. Are you targeting the right leads and not wasting your precious time and money following the fake ones? Get you email list cleaned and verified and start messaging only the right people you want to reach.

Another important reason to have a clean email list is to keep your business focus on the right customers that add value for all efforts you do. When you send messages for unknown people or bad email addresses in your list, you usually get bounce message back to you contains “this email address doesn’t exist” or you have sent email for invalid email addresses, receiving many messages like this from your email marketing provider may affect or even ban your account. Major ISPs don’t like their users to send emails or “Spam” as they called for undeliverable or inexistent email accounts. In order to avoid such issues, you need to have a clean email list contains only the right and actual people in your list, and clean of such spam, dead, unknown, undeliverable and any bad email addresses. Now you have the opportunity to have a clean email database, just by uploading or getting your list on one of the bulk email list cleaning services that spread over the internet. One of the cheapest and fastest and most accurate platforms you can rely on to clean all your lists is RemoveBounce platform.

So How Email List Cleaning Service Works

Very easy, all you need is just go for any email list cleaning service online and register a new account there, most of them will give you free credits to use and try their services. Create a free account there and browse the portal if you have an issue using the service. Most online cleaning services are similar to other. They give you a personal account dashboard to use for uploading your email lists you want to clean, mostly they support the CSV, TXT files format, some of them support also other formats like XLS, XLSX which are opened and supported by any spreadsheet program like MS Excel, Open Office or Google Documents. They give you the ability to track and see in the real time the progress of your email list while being processed and verified by their system.

The bulk email list cleaning systems different in regard to the speed and prices. We recommend you to test the service first before doing any purchase. Test the speed, the accuracy and the prices.

Some Services give a fast speed processing and low accuracy and prices, please stay away from them, you pay money to get your issue solved, so when you finished cleaning an email list and ended with an email list contains 10-15% unconfirmed email addresses into your list, then you have the same issue again. We recommend to get at least 97-99% clean list from any bulk email list cleaning service you use online.


Fortunately, at RemoveBounce you can get in average from 97-100% clean list for low prices and fast processing services. Removebounce offers the lowest prices in the industry and the most accurate cleaning system you can find online. They have prices plans decrease gradually for larger lists. They also offer 1000 free credits for all new users to encourage them to try and test their services. Why not giving them a try now!

Head over to the dashboard and get started immediately. Once you are there, just register a new account there, then start upload your lists to clean, when done you will see option like download the valid list, invalid or the bad email list. Once you finish go test the cleaned list by sending them a message and watch the results you get from this campaign, the most importantly you watch is the hard bounce rate from this list.

Speed of cleaning process on these websites are extremely fast. They can validate Millions of records per day. RemoveBounce can process in average about 5 Million records per day, depend on the requests of verification by users. We wish you a good luck on your easy journey to clean your email databases at RemoveBounce!

Are You Ready Now to Start Cleaning your email List in Bulk?