Why Using Bulk Email List Cleaning Service

Email list verification is important for hygiene and removing the dead and old email addresses that are not active from your lists. When an email address no longer exists, it means you will get “bounce back” from the servers you are sending to. The “bounce back” Email is very bad news for you when you are using email marketing system to handle most of the marketing campaigns. At most you will receive a message that says (you have got a “returned email” or “account no longer exists”). Receiving many messages like these from many servers can affect all your marketing and future campaigns.

Dead email on your list is worth zero to your marketing hard work, and can even make your campaign of poor quality and higher your expenses. Fortunate, RemoveBounce processes XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT files with one or multiple columns in the sheet.

You don't have to change your list format. you can keep the format and upload to the system and comfort waiting for the list to be cleaned by our system 

Take your email campaign to the next level and create those clean addresses that you wish. Sending emails to SPAM addresses or deceased subscribers misuses your time and money, which can charge you resources that you don’t have to give up. Email Service Providers invest a gloomy amount into their servers and other tools oriented services that are mandatory to send millions of emails all day.


When you clean your email list through a bulk email list verification service like ours, unfounded emails will be removed and you are given back those true emails that are still current and eager to hear about your goods or services. Those valid emails are your client base and where your ROI is. And as said Money is in the list!

We have the key that you need to reduce bounce-backs on your email list. When it comes to scrubbing an email list accurately, there are many factors of authentication and trying that goes into testing each email address that we run a check on. Process your list through our cleaning system first.

RemoveBounce.com works fine with CSV and TXT files. Our system support multiple columns in the CSV files, so if you have many columns with different data, no problem we detect the column that includes the emails and keep all other data in the same place without different. You don’t have to worry about arranging or organizing your email lists anymore, we just covered that for you.

This is the best time to start cleaning and verifying your email lists, and take your email marketing campaigns for the next level.

RemoveBounce.com is ready to start cleaning all email marketing lists you have just upload them to our list and leave the rest on our Technology.