Why Do All Businesses Need to Use Email Verification?

In recent days, in the age of new technologies, there are many ways to create an email address. The most popular way is via a free web-based host such as Yahoo and Gmail. Although a free email address is necessary and provides a cost-effective way for communications it can also be used improperly for spamming and send unsolicited emails. Since creating an email address is so easy and available on the Internet this makes it difficult for businesses to differentiate a temporary email address from the active and real one that is legitimate.  Additionally, most reputable businesses will take action and time to validate email addresses prior to running ongoing communications with their potential customers to avoid being accused of spam. Verifying email lists should be one of the first steps you should take prior to designing a complete marketing strategy.  Not only does it get you started off on a positive way with your potential customers but it also ensures that they receive important messages after they choose to join your email list and do business with you.

Why does Business need to Verify Email Addresses?

In addition to getting started establishing great communication with your potential customers to engage with your business opportunities, there are many other reasons to verify email addresses, some of these important reasons are;

The potential customer convert to an authentic sales opportunity:  the contact details collected from these customers include email addresses and phone numbers. Email verification means accurate contact details which opens up more marketing opportunities. This is because your customers are opening your messages in a consistent way. And when you are contacting them in terms of where they are in the customer lifecycle this will result in highly targeted sales opportunities now and in the future.

Avoid bad Email Addresses:  As a business manager you will invest a lot of time into your marketing strategies and this includes email marketing campaigns. As your business grows you will likely collect a large amount of data and email addresses through multiple channels that exist in your marketing strategies. An invalid email address can end up consuming a big part of your information database meaning that important information is never received by your customers. This will include order confirmations, targeted messages, and other important data you want to make sure your customers will receive it.

Avoid temporary Submissions: Sometimes you find that someone will enter a temporary or disposable email address to submit or opt-in your business list, or in other cases may use other one email address to submit unsolicited promotional messages. By verifying email address business principals ensure that they are communicating with a real customer and an individual who has volunteered their information to receive email.

So how do businesses verify email addresses easy and fast?

Well, the easiest and proper way is through the use of email verification services.  Email verification services that operate online start authenticating the email address at the point of capture or the signup process.  By verifying the information the consumer enters the service uses its processing technology helping the customer to make any necessary correction in typos.

As your customer email list grows over time an email verification service allows you to enter email addresses to verify that they are still active and alive. The Email verification service communicates with a large database of email addresses to easily provide you with the information you need to keep your customer email list current and verified. Finally, All businesses in current days need to verify their customers' email addresses before start communicating or sending them any business or marketing emails in order to get a better response rate and avoid any hard bounces resulted from incorrect or bad emails.

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