What is Email Address Verification and How you can Benefit From Using It?

Email Address Verification Service is a must-have tool that any business owner and email marketer needs nowadays.


For those don’t know, any email list you have is getting on average 10-20% bad subscribers per year, That means your list has bad or invalid email addresses included and you don’t know about them.

Sending email to invalid email addresses will hurt your sending reputation and continue doing so may list your IP in spam databases which will make major ESPs Like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail block your IPs and Domain from sending more messages to their servers.


So what is the solution for that permanent issue and how you can avoid falling into this? At this point, the Email Address Verification Service comes to be the only solution for this problem and many other issues you may have in your list. The service will determine whether or not your list of emails is valid and deliverable before you think of sending your first email campaign.

The Email Address Verification Service does this by analyzing the list you have against many factors they already developed so they can exactly determine if that email address is valid or not. Usually, these services are hosted and operated over the cloud so you don’t have to worry about Your IPs, Domains or Personal email address.


How Does Email Address Verification Service Work?

Any Email Address can be validated by passing through six verification stages start from checking email syntax for error and end with checking the user mailbox for existence on the recipient servers.

At the end of the email list verification process, any bad email addresses will be collected and removed from the list, leaving a good, clean and fully deliverable email list, ready for delivering any messages to any servers whether they are free or business email addresses.


In this section, we will go and describe exactly how the email address verification is done using the global industry standards;


Step No. One: Email Address Verification Syntax Check; In this step, the service will analyze your list and make sure all email addresses are correctly formatted according to IETF standards.


Step No. Two: Domain MX Check; after passing the first step of validity and the email is correctly formatted, it will move to the next step that will check this email domain MX and DNS records for existence if an email missing MX or DNS records it will be marked as invalid and if it has valid domain MX and DNS it will pass this step and go to the next step.


Step No. Three: Now come to the third step which is checking every email address for being Role-based emails for not, this step is optional for the customer to keep or remove these kinds of emails from their lists as they may be valid and ready to receive messages but many customers prefer not to sending them any messages for many reasons. One of these reasons is they affect the deliverability rate and significantly decreasing your sending reputation over many ISPs. These kinds of emails like;

“info@domain.com”,” admin@domain.net”, “webmaster@domain.org” “sales@domain.com” , “support@domain.com” , etc.


Step No. Four: Email Address Verification will go through the list and checks if there are temporary or disposable email addresses included or not if there are any they will be marked as invalid and removed from the verified list. These kinds of emails are usually called Disposable Email Addresses or DEA and they are created for the users who just want an email address to sign up for a website and once they do so, the email will be expired in a few hours or days after.


Step No. Five: Email Address Verification also checks for Honeypot and Spam Traps inside the list in order to remove them permanently and keep the list clean and safe to send messages to. Honeypots and Spam trap Emails are usually used by ESPs and ISPs to differentiate the spammers and eliminate them from sending more spamming emails, they do so by checking Emails and Domains against known databases they maintain and update every while.


Step No. Six: Finally, we came to the last step of Email Address Verification which involves a deep checking for the user mailbox for existence on the recipient server. It checks every email address remains in the list after passing through the above five steps and marks it valid if it has an existed mailbox and invalid email address if it hasn't.

You must know now how important is the Email Address Verification and why you should verify any email list you are going to use for email campaigns. If you think about this, you will find that when you do so you are saving time and money, save time you waste when handling the hard bounces, soft bounces, moving from one email service to another, and save money by not sending any emails for that invalid or bad addresses.