Remove Hard Bounces

Cleaning and verifying email lists before doing any type of marketing is crucial and make your email service provider happy. By having a verified list, you make sure you have eliminated all “Hard Bounces” received from dead or invalid email addresses. You don’t want to be a spammer, so list hygiene could make or break your marketing campaign. With only a fresh and valid list you know you are sending only for the real and active users in your email list. It is better to have a small active email list instead of having a big inactive list has thousands of bad addresses. Many customers worldwide uses our cleaning service and rely on our bulk verification system for cleaning their email lists and reducing list bounce avoid getting banned by their email marketing services like Aweber, MailChimp and many more.

Our online cleaning service works fine with your TXT or CSV files, you can even upload excel files with multiple or many columns in the sheet. You can also ask to receive your big email lists sent via email or any other way you want instead of waiting to download them from our platform. We have many plans for each customer. You can check and choose which is better for you. You can go for monthly subscription if you clean email lists regularly, or you can buy credits and use them as you go. Now you have many choices and plans to choose from. With our smart cleaning technology system we guarantee removing all bad and invalid emails quickly with maximum accuracy and leave your list clean, fresh and ready to go. Give your email list the power it needs. There is no better chance to get your lists clean and active, get started with NOW!.