Online Bulk Email Verification Service

If you are looking for an online bulk email verification service, then you are at the right place with! Using an online bulk email verification to clean your email lists is very important in your overall marketing strategy. No matter what type of business you run, having an email list and marketing to them is a necessity to promote your business. Your email list is a great asset you need to keep and grow over time.

The concept of the online bulk email verification service is still fairly new. Here at, we are leading the industry for the highest processing accuracy and value to your bottom line. With email marketing still very much part of many promoting strategies in companies around the world, then getting to know why you should use online bulk email verification the next time you are online should be a top priority.


A lot of lists are dealing with SPAM entries and invalid emails. With your clients swapping email addresses due to the disposable nature of them, it does not take a long time for an email address to go invalid. Job position or name swapping at the ISPs can also be a root issue for a bad email address. Another problem you may face is when you buy an email list instead of building your own. Often times the data is old and invalid when it sits for a long period of time without being updated.


The turnover in today’s workforce world is overwhelming to the point that the employee you were emailing at one business could be gone the very next month and filled with a replacement. While this is happening often, then it does not take long for a list to become old and filled with bad and invalid entries. When that happens, then seeking an online bulk email verification service to do the job is set into motion!


By building a SAAS (Software as a Service) instead of an installable software, you don’t risk your IP address being banned by your ISPs. Just one ban can block any further attempts to verify email addresses accurately once this happens. With our cloud smart bulk email verification system, you can upload your email list and let it start cleaning for you. You don’t even have to be around waiting for the system to finish processing the list. Only to retrieve the list when you are ready and upload to your email marketing provider. This is what makes our online bulk email verification service the best in the business, and the most affordable too.


By using a third party verification leverage, we can pull accuracy rates over 97% certainty. We are constantly enhancing our email verification service algorithm to ensure you have the maximum confidence in cleaning your email lists. This is why we have built the technology of online bulk email verification service that allows you to upload your email list to our system.

Are you ready to start cleaning and testing the service?