Bulk Email List Cleaning Service

Bulk email list cleaning service will be leading the charge in 2017. As each year millions of SPAM email accounts are being created and used randomly to sign up for Websites, newsletters, and other online platforms that require an email address for registration process then there will be a strong and growing need for email list verification service.


Any email list you exported from email marketing platforms comes in these formats CSV file. A CSV file is originally opened via a spreadsheet program like excel or open office or google documents.

Most bulk email list verification services used these format to clean and verify the lists you upload to their platforms. RemoveBounce.com gives you the ability to upload a csv or txt email list format at the moment, we are adding more file formats soon. Once you register an account there, you will have your own dashboard account area to upload your lists to clean. You also will have the ability to buy more credits or clean more lists. All from one platform you have full control over your account and can access from anywhere you want.

These platforms don’t require you to have a software or a program to use, it does all processes through the web, so you don’t be affected by any way. Your IPs, your location is not linked to what you are doing on our platforms, we did verify and clean the lists over our own servers using our smart authentication tools.


Once you login to the online verification service, you can upload your CSV file that you have exported from the email marketing platform you are dealing with and you are done. Our cloud powered cleaning system will begin to verify the validity of all the emails addresses you have uploaded. The cleaning process speed depends on the amount of emails you want to verify. Our smart cleaning system can verify in average 500K records per hour. You can verify a small amount of emails say 10K or you can go larger and verify up to 10 Million records over two or three days, we covered all customer needs. Our system can verify up to 10 Million records per day. You can verify thousands of email addresses, or only a few thousands depending on your needs. With any subscription account, you can have access from anywhere and you can use the service around the clock and verify on the fly.


Get rid of the spam from your email list. By removing outdated records from any email list you have, you significantly reduce the bounce rate from the servers that provide your email marketing services (like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, your own email marketing system, etc.) and by doing that you stay safe and out of their red zone and warning systems. Too many complains you receive from them you will find yourself switching from a platform to another or even leave the business itself.


Stop wasting your time by using a dead email list or outdated one and focus only on the clean fresh list that do better in regard to clicks, ROI, CTR and improves the deliverability rate and also increases the open rate.  Start cleaning your List on RemoveBounce.com today.