RemoveBounce Online Email Verification Guide

How it's working:

1) You just drag and drop any file you want to clean or simply choose file to upload to your platform manually.


2) When our system starts to process your list, you will see file status as follow:

  • New
  • Parsing
  • Processing
  • Complete
    • Finished when you see the resulted files “All, Valid, Detailed lists” are shown beside in Blue, Green and Yellow bottoms sequentially.

      3) You will have the option to download three reports for each email list you upload to the system.

      Valid List: contains only the valid and clean records in the green bottom.

      All Records List: contains all records with all data and the status of each email address (ok, fail, unknown) in the Blue bottom.

      Detailed List: contains all records and the status of each email list if they are valid or not and the reason for that in the Red bottom.



      The system verifies some records again to confirm if they are valid or not, so if you see “Reverifying” status, just wait for a few minutes to see the resulted files.

      4) After parse success - your files waiting until verifier script take it, so status will be "waiting"

      5) Next status will be "progress", it's when the system is processing and cleaning your email list in real time.

      * Please make sure you have enough balance to clean all records in the uploaded list. If you balance not enough the upload file option will give you error “no sufficient coins” you have to recharge your account to clean this list.

      Notice: Please try to download all resulted reports into your PC, our system only keeps the reports for only two months then it will be deleted permanently.

      Notice: "processed emails" showing number of emails that was processed at least once, but some emails require to be verified more than once, that is why verification can take some extra time to verify these records again "processed emails" will be equal to "total emails".

      Examples of the Accepted File Formats:


      Processing files with custom columns and header

      We are processing files with additional columns data, our parser detecting column with emails and adding status column after. Just make sure to put the emails in just one column into the sheet. You can use any format you want like XLS, XLSX, CSV and TXT.

      Then you can easily drag it to our system and start cleaning it.


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