Email Address Verifer

What is Email Address Verifier service and how you can use it to improve your Deliverability and CTR?


Email Address Verifier is a service that will enable you to analyze, clean and maintain your email list regularly so you keep the list clean and ready to go anytime you want to send an email campaign.

The Service will significantly affect your email marketing campaigns and improve your deliverability rate. When you use an old or outdated email list, you usually receive many bounces back and a message like “this email address no longer exists” or "you have sent a message for an invalid email address". To avoid receiving such messages, Just sign up to an online service that will give you access to upload your email lists and remove all the bad, disposable, honeypots, spam traps, and all unknown emails which cost you money and time and cause your sending reputation to decrease reaching to IP blocked or listed in spam databases.

Using an Email Address Verifier will save your marketing efforts and make you only focus on designing and writing the content that makes you money.

It also prevents your system from receiving the spam traps complaints or even getting listed in the spam database, it also keeps your IPs clean and whitelists your domain as a good and reputable email sender online.


Any Email list passes one Year Age will definitely contain bad and invalid email addresses, such thing requires you to maintain and regularly clean and verify your lists from all bad, dead, invalid, toxic, spam traps, honeypot, disposable and all inactive addresses.
Recently some companies built a system that generates fake and temporary email addresses. These addresses are used by the users to submit and sign up on the online websites and last for a few hours or days before they expire.

Fortunately, we could collect most of these companies’ domains and include them into our system, so when you upload a list contains such these email addresses, our system will detect them automatically and remove them instantly.


Email Address Verifier enables you to also remove the honeypots and the spam traps from your list leaving it clean and ready to go. As an email marketer, you don’t need to worry about the technical tools we use to clean and verify the email lists. You only must worry about the open rate, click-through rate and deliverability rate you get from the list, and this is our main role.

If you didn’t use an Email Address Verifier before we suppose you got into many troubles as we did a long time ago (IPs Blacklisted, Spam Complains, Domain Blacklisted, Blocked for Some Email Service Providers, etc.) As Email Marketers, we developed the perfect and most accurate system to keep you safe and comfortable while running your email marketing campaigns.


Our Email Address Verifier collected many databases for Spam Traps, Honeypots, and Disposable Email Addresses and included them inside the system so when you upload a list to clean the system will parse the list and check if there are any of these pots inside the list to remove before taking your list for the next stage of verification.


As mentioned Email Address Verifier is a must-have service for all businesses which uses the email address to reach their customers in a regular way it's also indispensable service for email marketers worldwide and most importantly for those are working on the Bulk email marketing business, as they need to send a heavy volume of emails in very short period of time, For those we know how much important to keep the list clean and spam-free.

Save yourself some time and money by using one of the best and top email address verifier in the industry RemoveBounce.